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To hear about something is good, but to experience it is sublime!

Workshops are a great way to explore aspects of personal development… in depth.

Imagine sitting with a small group of people on a Saturday to hear about women’s empowerment or finding your creative gift.

Intentional Living Therapies workshops give you the opportunity to play, sing, dance, and create while you learn and grow.

They are FUN!!

“Discover Your Feminine Power” workshop…

Searching for your feminine power…

Feminine power lives in every woman. Too many of us have suppressed her since social and cultural norms shamed us to do it.

NO MORE!! She’s waiting to be identified, welcomed, and born into your complete Self.

Spend a day with Sherri DeRhodes and Maggie Ervin as together we search out your feminine power with rituals, song, and the creation of your own magic symbol.

Bringing who you are into the light…

Are you a diva? A goddess? A high priestess? You have talents, gifts, and ideas the world needs. Let’s bring you fully into the light where you can shine for everyone to see and appreciate who you really are.

Fully embracing your greatness is your gift to the world… family, friends, and community… but, most importantly, it’s your gift to yourself! Allow it. Embrace it. Be it.

This workshop is held on a Saturday from 9:00am through 4:00pm. Supplies and lunch are included in the workshop fee.

Stay tuned. The next “Discover Your Feminine Power” workshop date will be announced soon!

“Just Weight” workshop…

Repeating that same old cycle…

Do you repeatedly start weight loss programs, yet the only loss you experience is the resolve to stick with it?

Or do you tell yourself you’re going to get serious on Monday morning, then, remembering your promise on Wednesday, repeat your pledge for the next week?

Perhaps you successfully lost weight but later forget your better eating habits and regain the weight… plus some!

Knowing that you’re not alone…

Myriad diets and gyms are available depending on your lifestyle and tastes. But no matter what food plan or exercise program you choose, you still have to deal with your own inner workings… those unidentified boogie men in your head that defeat your best intentions.

Maybe you feel alone and question what’s wrong with you. NOTHING is wrong with you! Many people struggle with the reality of losing weight… you are not alone!

Getting to the heart of weight gain…

The “Just Weight” workshop is designed to help you identify your internal boogie men: past events, conditioned behaviors, unexamined beliefs, and self-defeating resistance.

You’ll learn new ways to view them, along with strategies and tools to move beyond them to achieve weight loss success at last.

This 6-week program explores the common issues faced by people working on weight loss. Each week a key issue is presented for participants to examine, discuss, and understand.

Each week’s session includes discussion, practical activities, brainstorming, surveys/questionnaires, writing, role-playing, homework (reading and journaling), and a 20-minute group hypnosis session to reinforce new ideas, learning, and goals.

The next “Just Weight” workshop will begin soon. Watch for details.