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Work & Life Balance

The new promotion is a great boost to your career.

Now you just need to show them they were right to give you the job.

It’s more demanding, yes, but you know your ideas and plans are going to wow them.

But what about the kids? They need you, too. There are dance lessons, soccer games, and homework.

How are you going to fit it all in? The more you think about it, the more anxious you become.

It’s time for a new strategy.

It’s called work-life balance.

If it feels like you don’t have time to slow down and actually practice work-life balance, then you really need to slow down and practice it.

With a coach, you have someone to help walk you through it with objectivity and a realistic perspective.

Setting priorities, time management, and good communication skills are the fundamentals.

It sounds easy enough – but when you’re in the thick of things, those skills are not typically the first we tap into.

A look at the bigger picture…

When you’re overwhelmed and thinking of all you must do to fulfill your duties, it’s difficult to see the whole picture.

As your holistic life coach, we will look at your obligations and responsibilities alongside the activities YOU need and want for your happiest self.

We will reassess your priorities, review your time management practices, and outline a game plan to reach the balance that satisfies your most important goals.

Let’s balance the scales.

Women especially find themselves feeling discouraged, overwhelmed, and exhausted when they can’t find enough time or energy.

It’s tough to be objective and sort things out for yourself, and let others know what you need. When you’re ready for your voice to be heard, I’m here to show you a path to harmony and fulfillment.

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