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Mindfulness and Meditation

Kids naturally know how to be mindful.

They are totally in touch with all their senses.

Think back to when you were a kid. Remember how it felt to squish the mud puddle sludge between your toes? Only your mom cared that you were getting dirty.

Did you ever scrutinize every vein on a leaf? You had plenty of time to do that.

How about the aroma of fresh mown grass? The taste of a tree-ripened apple? Summer night air? The brightness, the icy cold, and the smell of fresh snow?

As an adult, you have flashes of those sense memories; but, for the most part, they are remnants of the past before you became a responsible grownup.

Being mindful is being present.

Mindfulness brings you back to the present, where noticing those things is once again part of your daily life.

Being present easily moves you to a place of gratitude and grace. We practice mindfulness as part of your intentional transformation.

With proven techniques and exercises, you will become more aware of yourself and the world around you. Release worry about an unknown future with specific breathing exercises.

Really feel a deep sense of gratitude with guided imagery that taps your five senses and brings you into the now. Develop a stronger faith in yourself with supported plans that achieve big dreams at long last.

Being mindful slows down the unnecessary tumult of modern living and helps you find a productive and rewarding focus for being you.

Meditation used to be considered woo-woo in western culture.

Something that hippies and weirdos did.

Today it’s recognized as one of the most effective ways to manage every aspect of humanness – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Medical doctors are prescribing it for everything from depression and anxiety to auto-immune disorders.

It is a powerful practice for healing, balance, and self-awareness.

Do you meditate already?

Or do you think you can’t slow down long enough to give it a try?

Many people mistakenly think it requires emptying the mind or that they will do it wrong. Neither of those worries is valid.

There are a multitude of ways to meditate.

Some of the methods are more commonplace, while others may sound ridiculous.

Some meditation teachers will tell you to sit a certain way, to hold your hands in a particular position, to focus your eyes on a specific object.

While all those ideas can work, they don’t resonate with everyone.

We are human, so sitting in that position might be painful, or holding your hands that way might prevent you from relaxing. It’s got to be realistic and doable.

Find a way to meditate that works for you.

There are only a few things that you need to do to enjoy the ancient practice.

You might enjoy experimenting with the many types of meditation: breathing focused, chanting, walking, forest bathing, guided, unguided are just some of them.

Are you more visual, auditory, or feeling? I will assess and identify your preferences, so you aren’t wandering through the thousands of possible types of meditation. Too many times, people are discouraged by what they find – or don’t find – online.

With my help, you can find the types of meditation that resonate most for you. Together we will find what works best for your goals and intentions.

Break out and break through.

Whether you are caught in a cycle of worry about the future or obsession regarding the past, I can help you break out of it with training and practice in mindfulness and meditation.

As your coach, I provide accountability while you develop your skills. It doesn’t take long to establish a new habit.

Feel the relief and freedom that results from adding these powerful techniques to your regular routine.

Email to schedule a session, so you can begin developing these rewarding practices right away.