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Holistic Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy

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Women are often caught in a sandwich lifestyle…

…overseeing a growing family and caring for aging parents.

To top it off, you likely have a career that feels competitive and demanding.

Or maybe you’re standing in an empty nest not knowing what to do next. Feeling alone and misunderstood – disconnected.

Do you dare to follow your heart?

Inside you are those ideas – perhaps even passions – a yearning to follow your dreams.

It could be something really big, or it might be that one thing you’ve always loved or wanted to do.

To paint, write a book, get back to dancing, or run a marathon… but how do you find the time?

Putting you first.

The old saying “if momma’s not happy, nobody’s happy” is true.

You not only want to take better care of yourself – you must do it for everyone’s sake.

When overwhelmed with responsibilities and obligations, it’s all too easy to put yourself last. Everybody suffers, especially you.

Help is waiting for you.

Hi, I’m Sherri.

Sometimes you need a champion.

Someone who can help you find the focus and a way to balance all the obligation with outrageous self-care. A holistic life coach that can help you sort out your thoughts, set your goals, and create action plans to reach your dreams.

You can enjoy greater fulfillment in life, and I can help.

I’ll find out what’s important to you, as we collaboratively develop a plan to achieve what you’re seeking from life.

I believe each person is one-of-a-kind, and my approach to coaching must match your individuality. I use a variety of techniques to assist my clients in defining and reaching transformative goals.

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