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Women’s Empowerment Coaching

It’s Sunday night. That weekly visitor…

anxiety is coming to call.

How did the last two days pass you by?

It’s the same vicious cycle every week where you meet most of your responsibilities and cross off the important things on your to-do list, but the hamster wheel existence is getting to you.

You’ve tried to explain it to your closest friends, even your husband or partner, but it feels like they don’t get it.

That more you just know is out there somewhere. Something more than the “get up, go to work, come home, go to bed”lifestyle you’re trapped in.

The person who gets it, is me – your empowerment coach.

I get it because I’ve lived it, too.

I want to help you find your way.

There really is more for you, and it can be whatever you want to create for yourself.

Achieve anything you set your mind to.

Having doubts? So did Lynne.

Lynne is an intelligent, conscientious woman with some college and a decent job.

She is married to a great person who is also honest and hardworking but doesn’t understand Lynne’s discontent.

Lynne gave up trying to explain her feelings and literally was living a life of misery. She knew it was important to keep showing up each day, and her doctor prescribed an antidepressant to help level her moods.

But it wasn’t enough to merely exist.

She wanted to really live life on her own terms.

There had to be more.

One day a woman in her office was raving about how much her “coach” was helping her break out of old patterns and limiting beliefs to create a fulfilling life.

Lynne’s co-worker said it was different than being in therapy. She claimed, “It’s like having a mentor and teacher who shows you how to find your power.”

Lynne could see the difference and admired her co-worker’s personal growth. She asked for the coach’s name, thinking it might be the answer she’d been seeking.

Although she didn’t call immediately, the idea persisted as a possibility. She finally called for an appointment; she decided to give it a whirl after meeting the coach and learning more.

After the first session, Lynne felt more hope than she had in years, and she was motivated to commit to her own transformation.

She could envision herself going back to college to finish her degree, and she felt more enthusiastic about her family life than she had in years.

Today, Lynne talks about how she’s living her passions in relationships, career, and family – body, mind, and spirit. She credits her coach, yet we know it was Lynne’s own achievement with her coach’s support.

Can you relate to Lynne’s story?

If so, step outside of your limiting beliefs about who you are and step into your power. Reach out today, so we can meet and chat about your story.

Empowerment coaching could very well be the answer you’re seeking.