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That energy follows intent is unmistakable.

Whether you consciously intend certain outcomes or bring them about by focusing on fears, worries, and negative thinking…

Intentions are how we create the circumstances of our lives.

The power of attention…

Think about a time when you just knew that something bad was about to happen. Maybe you are even obsessed with it. Without a doubt, this impending doom pervaded your thoughts and even drove your behaviors.

Then, lo and behold, it happened. Then you lament, “Why did it have to happen to me?”

It’s because you focused your energy on that single event. Even though you didn’t want it to happen, it still had your attention.

Making things manifest…

Consider a different time when you were determined to have something in your life… a relationship, a job, a home, or some other material thing. You looked at images online, you researched it… you took actions toward getting that desired outcome.

It had your full, unwavering attention. And VOILA!! You got it. What a great feeling!

Did you chalk it up to your intention and persistence? Or did you credit luck with your good fortune?

Trust me… it was you.

You made it happen with your focus, clarity, and commitment to it.

How many times have you started a plan to make an important change in your life… only to find yourself repeating old behaviors and feeling stuck?

We all have those experiences, so why are some people more successful in achieving their goals than others?

It’s time to INTEND your life.

Many people are turning to coaches for the structure and support we can provide.

Holistic life coaching is an excellent way to understand how intentions shape your life and give you the tools and techniques to intentionally create the goals and experiences you seek in your life.

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