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About Holistic Life Coaching

You are always in charge of what happens.

When we work together, you are entering a safe place. We’re meeting virtually, so you are in control of your environment. You determine the space, the lighting – the overall comfort you need.

You are there to talk… to tell me your story… to share your heart’s desires.

It’s just between us… unless and until you decide otherwise.

There’s no judgment in this place.

It’s a place for trying on new ideas and testing different personas that might just fit you better. Nothing is too strange or “out there” to discuss.

We’ll work together to discover your inner passions, your hidden talents, and your special journey.

We set the scene any way you want with soft music, aromas, and special lighting. When you are resting peacefully in a recliner with your feet up, you’ll find that hypnotherapy can be quite relaxing and restorative.

You are looking for answers and your next big thing…

… and life coaching with me can propel you forward in your quest. When you have the courage to step into your power, I want to be the person supporting you.

Together we will set the goals and establish your action plan – one that makes sense for you. You can set your own timeline with my input.

Your dreams may be only weeks or months away after waiting a lifetime to get there.

About Me

How do I know I can help you?

Because I WAS you.

About 20 years ago, I was seeing a mainstream therapist, making a little progress here and there, but I had a continual prompting in the back of my mind that I needed something different… as though someone was tapping me on the shoulder to let me know it was time.

Serendipitously, I found a holistic life coach who helped me transform my life by leaps and bounds in a relatively short time.

I discovered that I wanted to help people, too. With my coach’s mentoring, I took classes and received three major certifications in life coaching, clinical hypnotherapy, and various related modalities. Bundled with my degrees in communications, I’ve been practicing since 2006.

Now, I am daily serving those who are ready to grow their wings and fly!

When I’m not in the office…

My innate curiosity has me trying new things and googling questions about everything, from DIY fix-it projects to quantum physics.

I’m a textile artist and enjoy designing and constructing art to wear.

I enjoy gardening in the warmer months – planning and cultivating plants that attract butterflies, bees, and dragonflies. Nature is where I find peace and renewal.

If you’re skeptical about life coaching or hypnotherapy, drop it right now! The media and fictional storytelling have it all wrong.

I’d love to hear from you so we can chat. Email me to schedule an initial session. You’ll be glad you did: sherri@intentionallivingtherapies.com