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Energy Treatments

What are you made of?

“What kind of question is that?”

Seriously, what are you made of?

“Water… mostly water.”

Yes, adult human beings are made of approximately 60% water. What is water made of?


Yes, really… what is water made of?

The answer is H2O, right? Two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Good. What is an atom?

“Oh, for Pete’s sake!”

I know. I know. But stay with me. An atom is the smallest unit of matter with the properties of a chemical element. Remember chemistry class? The protons, neutrons, and electrons?

“I’m ready to click out of here.”

Okay, okay… the point is…

We are ALL made of matter.

Which is another word for energy. Energy is everywhere – it’s what the universe is, too.

Most people can’t see the kind of energy I’m talking about, but it’s real. Everything, including us, shows up as different combinations of matter that vibrate at different rates.

When practitioners like me talk about energy treatments or energy work, that’s where we’re coming from.

Over the centuries, many cultures tapped into this power for a variety of health and wellness practices.

Energy work is proven to be helpful to people with physical pain, mental stress, and emotional imbalance. Anyone can benefit from its balancing and restorative results.

It’s simple yet powerful.

Ancient India, China, and the Americas all had their energy healing traditions.

They survived for a reason, and now are part of western culture.

Try this. Vigorously rub your hands together for about 15 seconds, then hold them about 4 inches apart.

You will definitely feel heat energy; but if you accordion them slightly, you can also feel more subtle energy. I describe it as resistance or body. It’s not empty. You can feel it.

Reiki is just one of those energy modalities that are used for balancing health and wellness.

As a Reiki master, it is something that almost automatically occurs during coaching sessions. However, we also can choose to use it more intentionally in your plan.

Most people wonder what it feels like, which is not easy to answer. It’s very relaxing, depending on how much you allow yourself to experience its full effects.

Some people feel the energy movement, others get visual images in their minds, and still, others may just experience a pleasant, peaceful time.

Energy treatments are usually a little different for each person with some common themes.

There are no harmful side effects.

Reiki alone is great, but we can also add sound and crystal therapies.

Specially calibrated tuning forks are designed to help move energy in specific areas, and drumming adds a powerful overall balancing vibration.

Rocks, or crystals to be more accurate, all have a vibration that resonates with both the earth and human energy. We can use crystals to enhance the energy treatment.

You can enjoy the peaceful, relaxing benefits from a distance in your own comfortable and safe setting. Discover a re-balancing of your body, mind, and spirit. You won’t regret it.

Give your energy a new boost!

I can explain how it works and the science behind it, but the greatest understanding of energy work is to experience it for yourself.

Are you ready to feel de-stressed? Re-energized? Stronger? More whole? You name it. Whatever your particular issue, working with your being’s own energy will yield positive results.

If you are curious about Reiki or other energy therapies, reach out and let’s talk.