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Ongoing Support

When the training or workshop ends…

How many times have you taken a class or workshop, worked with a therapist or mentor, or simply had a profound insight… but just didn’t know where to go from there?

Holistic life coaching with me can be a transformative time in your life, but it doesn’t last forever.

My goal for clients is to help them become self-sufficient, and I want them to continue progressing beyond our work together.

Most people need help maintaining a new normal.

I offer group sessions for those who want to continue their growth without the intensity of the 1-1 experience.

We can benefit from the support of others who have had similar journeys… yet might have a different perspective or practice to share.

Group meetings are primarily topic-driven, meaning we have a specific focus each session. Participants discuss their experience with the topic; and, together, they share ideas for continued growth.

Here are some example topics:

Relationships in the workplace: How to manage the different personalities and still be true to yourself

The sandwich era: How to juggle children, aging parents, relationships, and career

Inevitable life changes: How to face and accept the physical, emotional, and mental changes that go with the aging process

Don’t wait… reach out to me.

I make these group interactions available to you at a point when we both feel you’re ready to branch out.

I facilitate the meetings, too, so I continue to be a part of your self-realization.

We can work together to decide the best way to provide you the ongoing support you need!