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Just about any store carries essential oils.

They smell great, and what’s the harm in using them around the house, for your self-care, cooking, and even in lieu of traditional medicine?

Actually, there could be a lot of harm if you don’t know enough about them.

You wouldn’t want to injure yourself, your family, or your pets by using essential oils without knowing how they work. Skin reactions, allergies, and drug interactions are all potential dangers for misuse.

Essential oils (EO) are potent and powerful, and not all oils are created equally.

They are one of nature’s medicines and can have miraculous results if used properly. Thinking they are harmless because they are natural is foolhardy.

I can help you learn how to use your oils wisely.

Consider these important questions before you use any EO:

  • Are there any contraindications for medical conditions or medications?
  • Can an oil be ingested, or should it be used topically?
  • Does the oil need to be added to a carrier substance first?
  • What is the quality of this oil?
  • Can the oil be safely diffused in the air?
  • Could an essential oil be harmful to young children or pets?
  • Do I need to consult my medical provider before using this substance?

Oils have some amazing properties.

They come from nature, which is precisely why they are so powerful.

I’ve worked with many people to ensure they use their oils safely and effectively.

Without sufficient knowledge about EOs, it’s easy to make mistakes by smelling, ingesting, or diffusing the wrong oils.

Working together, we will look at your own health and your family’s health to ensure safe and proper use of oils. I’ll find out about your family, home and work environments, personal care routines, cleaning needs, and even your pets.

A healthy alternative…

I’ll teach you how to safely and effectively use your EOs as a healthy alternative to most mainstream products.

The quality of your EOs makes a difference, too. I recommend certified pure, therapeutic grade oils as the safest and most effective.

With hundreds of EOs on the market, you need to know what you’re doing, and I can assist you.

Enhance your wellness and environment.

Everyone you love can benefit from the safe and healthy use of essential oils. Let me teach you how essential oils can enhance your wellness and environment.

Contact me today.