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Creative Discovery

“Are you creative?”

If asked that question, what would your answer be?

According to Psychology Today, as many as 98% of adults would say they are not creative.

That’s a tragic statistic because we ARE creative beings, each and every one of us.

How else would our world have developed over time to the sophisticated technologies we have today?

If you think creativity is limited to fine artists and musicians, you are mistaken.

Everyone has at least one creative talent.

And I make it one of my personal missions to help my clients discover theirs.

Why do I care so much about creative discovery and developing it? Because when you are engaged in the creative process, your being is enriched.

Your heart feels full. You have an indescribable joy and pride in your creation.

Whether it’s creating new recipes because you’re that good in the kitchen, or tinkering on a piano, or developing software… you are creating from that place inside that sparks intrinsic reward.

Creative discovery is another path we can travel on your journey of self-discovery.

Let’s play…

Expressing creativity is being vulnerable.

What if it’s an epic fail? If I share it with someone, will they laugh at my attempt?

Yes, creative self-expression can be risky. But that is why it’s even more rewarding when you allow yourself to do it.

Free of judgment and free to experiment.

It’s easier to experiment when you’re not feeling judged.

We’ll inventory your talents and look for the sparks of passion. Anything is fair game.

Then just go for it! Landscape a flower bed. Create a recipe from scratch. Get out the sewing machine or power tools. Sing. Dance. Play the drums.

And those are just a few of the myriad creative outlets to explore.

It’s never too late to learn something new…

…or revive a long-lost talent! I know creativity is one of the secrets to joy and fulfillment, and soon you will, too.

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