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Getting Started

A little hesitant to make the call?

It feels scary and uncertain to take the first step. I get it. Sometimes the devil you know is the one that feels safer…

But you know that is exactly why you need to shake things up for yourself.

You ask friends and coworkers for advice or referrals, and for all the information you get in return, you’re still at odds about how to proceed.

I’ll help you through it.

Making a phone call is both daunting and easy. I assure you that I will answer your questions and provide information to the best of my ability.

If we agree that it’s not right for you… “no harm, no foul.”

But what if it could be the best decision you’ve made in a long time? Desired change could be that close.

It’s REALLY not so scary!

There are some forms to complete prior to the session, but you would do that for any wellness provider, right?

Then we meet in person, and the conversation deepens to see if your needs can be met by my experience and methods.

Not so scary after all, eh?

“Leap, and the net will appear.”

~John Burroughs

You can call me or schedule a session online.

Call me or schedule online to get the ball rolling! (614) 396-6866