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Have you arrived yet?

I have. Oh sure, there’s always more journey, but that part of the trek where discontent and misery were my travel companions is behind me. It took a long time but better late than never, right? I hope you can find your way much more quickly than I did. I can help with that. The key is facing the fear and stepping out in faith. Easier said than done but I promise it works.

Sometimes we don’t even know what we fear because it’s such a part of who we are. Other times we know perfectly well what is holding us prisoner in a life we long to change. So, which is it for you? Do you know or don’t you?

When you are finally fed up with the status quo, sit down and look inward.

Close your eyes and invite the wiser part of yourself to speak up – to show you that thing that wakes you up in the night and grips your gut during the day. What exactly is it? When you give it a name and shine a light on it, it suddenly becomes much smaller and weaker. You are on the verge of conquering it.

Now you know who the enemy is. Be careful – you might think it feels like a friend you’re about to break up with. Fears are not friends, but they are what you’ve known and operated with for years. They feel familiar, which can hold its own type of comfort. Comfort is great when it’s healthy and helpful, but too often comfort is the reason we don’t take the first step.

How do you go about breaking up with fear?

Take a deep breath and commit to a new path – the path – of your heart’s desire. It’s okay if you baby-step your way there, but keep moving forward and whatever you do, don’t look back….at least not yet (I’ll explain later).

Be sure you are crystal clear about where you are going. The best way to do that is to create a detailed image in your mind’s eye. Check in with every one of your senses. What does it look like? Give it shape and color. Play a movie of it in your head. Can you hear it? What is it saying to you? Most important, what do you feel like in your mind cinema? Linger there and let the feelings manifest in your body and mind. Give them descriptors and keep feeling them. If it’s your true path, you will feel lots of good mojo!

When you get there, it’s okay to pause momentarily and look back. It’s a wow moment when you realize how far you’ve come and the gratitude that flows from the experience.

Now face forward once again and proceed without your old friend, fear. You are living your dream, your passion. You did it. You have arrived.